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In our studio we have the facilities to accomplish everything needed to restore and preserve your priceless poster, ensuring that its original beauty will last for decades. Here�s an example of how it�s done:

First, the old linen-canvas backing that had caused the poster to shrink and wrinkle, creating surface cracks, had to be carefully removed without creating further damage to the original paper.

Then, the poster was carefully washed in a hydrating solution to remove soil, ink stains and surface acidity. Re-hydration is important to �relax� the paper so that wrinkles and other deformations can be smoothed out.

Next, a light bleaching in a pH neutral chemical solution restored the brightness and tone of the paper and ink. After bleaching, the poster was thoroughly rinsed for several hours, to remove residual chemicals.

Before                                           After

During the washing and bleaching process exceptional care is taken to preserve the poster�s original characteristics. This ensures that the process does not degrade the poster. We do not use any chemical solutions that are formaline-based or cannot be easily washed with pure chemically-neutral hydroginates. Once the poster is completely rinsed, the original dimensions are checked and the boundaries carefully determined so that no distortion of graphic details or lettering occurs during drying.

Before                                           After

This detail shows the before and after of the important artist�s signature portion of the poster and how the washing process has restored the flexibility of the paper so that the proper proportions can be easily recognized. At this point, this impressive Gustav Klimt example is ready for the next step which will be the conservation process.

Here, we are applying wheat paste adhesive prior to the adding of linen backing. Unmounted paper can split, wrinkle or tear, especially during transportation, so a linen backing is used as a means of stabilizing the poster with a pH-neutral paper barrier between the poster and the backing.

When the poster is cut down and trimmed, this canvas and paper backing provides a strong, thick flexible layer that stabilizes the poster, eliminates creasing, and creates an extra border around the original edges of the poster offering further protection. We use only pH-neutral buffered wheat paste.

After allowing the re-mounted and pressed poster to �cure� for a sufficient time, the final steps included surface repairs to a number of areas that had been damaged by years of neglect.

Careful color matching was done during the mixing of water-soluble paints that were used during the in-painting process to restore the upper-left quadrant, the shield and the lower third. These required restoration of surface irregularities from water damage which caused wrinkles and cracks due to shrinkage of the previously applied canvas backing.

All restoration, such as replacement of damaged or missing paper stock and in-painting of graphic elements or print is accomplished with techniques that allow for complete reversal at any future time.

Restoration and Conservation Services

Basic Services
  • washing
  • de-acidification
  • pressing
  • bleaching
  • linen backing
  • re-lining
  • mounting

Remove & Repair

  • stains
  • writing/ink
  • wrinkles/creases/folds
  • tears/splits/gouges
  • missing sections
  • foxing/crackling


  • color matching
  • text/font replication
  • hand lettering
  • drawing
  • painting
  • half-tones/screens


Many of our exensive restoration services are priced by quotation or at our hourly rates. For Basic services, we often will be able to price by poster size. See our Price List.

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