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Sample Retail Prices for Mounting
26 in X 39 in
27 in X 41 in
35 in X 50 in
39 in X 55 in
47 in X 63 in
Larger than 47 in X 63 in
Or multiple sheets
$9.50 per sq ft
Mounting Special Items:  C or D condition, fragile paper, delicate colors, silkscreens or original artwork, etc.
Above rates
plus $68 per hr
for additional time
Retail Prices for Restoration & Other Services
Minimum Charge
$40 per piece
Folded Material
Add $20 per piece
Relining (A & B Condition)
Water Soluble Adhesive
Varies by Project
From: $68 per hr
Restoration:  cleaning, tape removal, spot bleaching, in-painting, piecing-in, paper mending, etc.
Billed in 1/10 hr
$68 per hr
Prices listed in the left-hand column are for illustration only and are meant to provide a general guidline for straightforward work. Special conditions require special techniques and additional care and time.

Similarly, pieces of special artistic or historical significance or those of high value will require special handling. Please enquire about our premium services for these unusual items.

If such is the case, we will be pleased to give you an estimate for special or premium services before work commences.

Please use the contact form to advise us by e-mail of your special needs.

Please consider The Art of Restoration for your recurring needs or even a single large project involving ten or more pieces. You'll find our prices are very competitive.

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