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The Art of Restoration is commited to providing its customers with very competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. We appreciate how important it is to maintain a high level of craftmanship for every project.

You can view and download retail price list by clicking on the retail navigation button on the above bar.

Prices quoted for mounting are for A and B grades only and do not include services for removing folds, stains, water marks, bleaching or other restoration services. A and B grade posters submitted for mounting only will be returned in "as is" condition.

Restoration and conservation of posters depends very much on the condition in which hey are received. The more work and time needed to retore a piece, the greater your investment. A generally-accepted grading system exists, although the system is applied with some subjectivity. We have tried to describe condition as used in general trade practice. You should be adble to determine how your poster grades by following the guide in the right-hand column.


A+:  A flawless example of the poster, in absolutely mint condition; rarely seen.

A:  Very fine condition, with fresh colors, no paper loss or restoration. A poster with a printer�s crease is still in A condition.

A-:  Any faults are unobstrusive. There may be some slight blemish, a small tear at the edge, very minor restoration.

B+:  In very good condition.

B:  In good condition. There may be some restoration, paper loss, repaired tears or browning, minor mushrooming or some yellowing, but the lines and colors are good.

C:  In fair condition. Some paper loss, restoration, some staining and yellowing, water marks may be seen. Colors may be somewhat faded, but the image is clear.

D:  In poor condition with significant paper loss, staining, extremely faded colors and faint images. Will require both paper restoration and considerable in-painting to restore.

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