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Welcome to The Art of Restoration. Our company's purpose is preservation, protection, and enhancment of works of art on paper for museums, private collections, dealers and individual collectors.

This site has been developed to provide you with an online guide to the products, services and pricing of our studio's professional restoration and conservation team. Thanks for visiting.

Whether you are a museum-quality collector or dealer and expect the highest level of conservation, or an art dealer who simply needs the most efficient cosmetic restoration or linen backing in order to preserve your fine art and maximize its resale value, The Art of Restoration will meet your needs.

At the Art of Restoration we do not compromise on quality, either in materials or workmanship. Producing "acceptable" rather than correct and proper restoration and conservation is simply not an option. We counsel our clients about the importance of high-integrity restoration and time-tested conservation methods.

We believe that correct restoration is not simply a process but truly an art form. All restoration is performed by senior conservator Thomas Tomc, an accomplished artist.

Thomas Tomc has more than ten years experience restoring master works on paper and has restored works by Klimt, Schiele, Mucha, Cheret, Lautrec, Cappiello, Cassandre, Moser, Holwein, and Mackintosh.

We pride ourselves in using our proprietary techniques and procedures to produce uncompromised quality at competitive pricing. The Art of Restoration would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements, from providing necessary restoration to maximize resale value, or to restore and preserve works of museum quality.

By experimenting with virtually every conceivable combination of water-soluble, reversible and pH-neutral materials, The Art of Restoration has developed superior restoration and conservation techniques. Our experience working on museum-quality collections allows us to employ these same techniques to smaller, less demanding projects while maintaining the same integrity of results.

  To see some of our recent projects, click on the image below or use this LINK.

We realize that performance is everything and invite you to challenge us with your works on paper and allow us to demonstrate our unique capabilities and cost-effective solutions to your restoration and conservation needs.

NEW!   The Art of Restoration, Ltd. is now located at:

1932 South Halsted Street - Suite 500
Chicago IL 60608

Hours by appointment

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