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Senior Conservator
Thomas Tomc

Thomas Tomc earned his BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute and holds an MFA from American University. He has spent more than twenty years restoring and conserving paper masterpieces, experimenting with every conceivable combination of water-soluble, reversible and pH-neutral materials to develop superior restoration techniques.

His years of experience allow him to recreate in whole or part, any image - no matter how incomplete or severe the damage, replicating exact colors, fonts, half-tones, screens and even individual brush strokes.

  A noted representational artist, deeply influenced by medieval art and the vibrancy of the Italian quattrocento, as well as 19th and 20th century landscape painters, Tomc synthesizes traditional and modern techniques and philosophy in his work and brings that as well as a depth of experience to restoration of works on paper.

In extreme cases he has been asked to use his knowledge and expertise to recreate sections of posters for which there is no other known example such as the P.T. Barnum poster on the front page. Many of these pieces are found in various museum collections helping to preserve the history of the art they represent.

To see some of Thomas Tomc's own work, visit his website. will open in a new window. Close the new site to return to this page.

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